Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Step into the airwaves.

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Draft King’s first TV appearance has been decided!!!!

We will appear on TBS’ Live B♪”!

It will be aired 11/25!

And, applications for the recording’s viewing are being taken!
The date is close but, please participate by all means!

You can check the details here.

Draft King being able to reach the airwaves is a happy, auspicious thing.

Look forward to airwave Draft King!

Changing subjects,
Recently I went to go eat with MIO from Chelsy.

I ate samgyeopsal.
The Korean food I had been craving!

Beign able to go and eat with my junior like this, I wonder if I’ve become like a sister,
It makes me realize the years are starting to pile up. Lol

The truth is, MIO is actually a single child just like me.

She’s my cute little sister♡

I’m rooting for Chelsy.

Now, elder sister will do her best too! Lol


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