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Oricon’s Extensive Interview with Draft King

Oricon recently published an interview with the members of Draft King going in to further details of Nohana and Shiho’s personal struggles following the breakup of Stereopony.

2044437_201411120668446001415802084cAfter the breakup of the 3 piece band Stereopony at the end of 2012 filled with regret, the bassist NOHANA (25) and drummer SHIHO (24) formed the 4 piece band Draft King last year in January, and as Draft King accepted an interview to oricon NEWS. After getting through the tribulation of 7 spectators at a live, after signing with the big talent agency Sun music, they look back to the Two years after Stereopony’s disbandment.

Débuting in November 2008, the band Stereopony consisting of members all born in the Heisei era disbanded 4 years later in December 2012. Their 2nd single “Namida no Mukou” (went on sale February ’09)came in 2nd place in the Orion weekly ranking, they made an appearance on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”, co-produced a song with YUI who is currently on hiatus (now yui), they took part in impressively large activities although they were so young.

Starting from the time they decided to breakup NOHANA and SHIHO thought “We didnt see the alternative to stop playing in a band” and thinking about “being able to continue activities right after disbandment” they added their vocalist Erica (21) and their guitarist mao and began activities as Draft King the following month.

Stereopony’s disbandment live which took place in Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ was sold out, but at the time of their formation, there were only 7 spectators at Draft King’s live. SHIHO looked back “If I said we weren’t so naïve as to believe it wouldn’t turn out like that, I would be lying. Starting up from zero is this hard, that feeling permeated through my body.”

Along with the disbandment came the end of their contract, SHIHO and the others all got part time jobs to pay for band activities. “Week 6”, at a restaurant in the metropolitan area where she was working, SHIHO was asked by two male customers “Have you ever been told you look like SHIHO-san from Stereopony?” and to their surprised answered “That is me”.

In place of getting a part time job the leader NOHANA、shouldered the movement of goods, their sale, calculations, and drove them to live venues in the countryside, and “pretty much everything having to do with the band”. While being troubled by the different circumstances compared to the “major” era, and piling on experiences they couldn’t have when they were in their teens, the two agreed “It was a good time period”.

They held earnest activities while in the indies, and within a year of their formation they made their solo live at Tokyo, Shibuya QUATTRO a success. Finally deciding to join an agency, Sugi-chan, now their senior will come to cheer them on. NOHANA commented that “We don’t know what will happen but I think it will turn out to be fun so, I want everyone to enjoy themselves”, look forward to the unique collaboration with the comedian.

Having decided on an agency and signing a label contract, they have not completely quit their part time jobs but, these days they have been recording. Packing in the power of the feeling “If our new songs can reach you faster”. Turning to the major scene, having experienced the tribulation of the indies, while continuing the activities that got their feet on the ground, the girls aim to make a comeback into the wonderful world.

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Original Article by Oricon
Translated by CrimsonKnight4


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