Saturday, January 20, 2018
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This month’s Draft King.

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We’re in the November edition of eggman’s free paper!

In this month’s publication, we talk about next month, our enthusiasm leading into the one man live on 12/17.

It’s been a while since serious Draft King made an appearance.
Please read it by all means.

The publication has thankfully reached its 20th already!
I’m so happy.
I’ll make it so a Draft King you can only see in the publications continues to reach everyone.

Draft King’s recording is continuing in order.
I wonder what it will look like when its done.
Production gets me excited and makes me heart beat fast.

This time I went to see my beloved Amuro Namie.
On the same day, I hurriedly got tickets and flew to Roppongi Gymnasium.

It suddenly came into my head, and I acted on it immediately!
When it’s time to meet the person you want to meet, you have to meet them!
Incidentally I went at full-power by myself.

The power I get from my beloved person is the absolute strongest.

I’ll always love my beloved person.


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