Thursday, February 22, 2018
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11/7 Daikanyama LOOP.

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Everyone who came to Daikanyama LOOP, thank you!

The live at LOOP was, it seems our first since the Tanabata live, I was surprised it had been such a while.
LOOP’s stage is so close that I can really see all the guests faces, then I naturally start smiling. I like it.

When we made that announcement the other day, a lot of people came running which made me happy.
Everyone saying “Congratulations” made me really happy and gave me more and more encouragement.
I can do my best because everyone is there.
Truly, thank you.

But, being told “Congratulations” to my face is embarrassing. Lol
Well, this is still only a starting point but, please praise Draft King when we become more and more amazing please. Lol

I’ll be waiting at LOOP for the next live too!


MAO and the giraffe waiting for a performance. Lol


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