Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Neck Corps.

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I wonder why they use the word “neck” for guitars and bass.

Recently that neck corps went and did various things.

(Coincidentally this was the day my phone broke)

Well, I don’t have any pictures of the instruments but,
but I will post these pictures of us eating since they’re available. Lol

At a café with this type of atmosphere on our free time.

At a café like this one would assume they have delicious Neapolitan spaghetti!
So I’m eating Neapolitan.
It was delicious.

Lastly, going along with me, who still wanted to eat kakigoori
we searched nearby for a kakigoori shop!
That’s how it ended up, Lol

We went to a shop called Amano-ya that had some tea water!

It was a really well-established store, it was great.

There were this many in the kakigoori menu!

And from that I

had an uji shiratama kakigoori!

Matcha’s the best! I love shiratama!

The shiratama was big and had a springy texture so I was really happy.


ate a strawberry flavored one.

At the end of September was
「My first kakigoori of the year.」
or so I said but, I wonder what I was doing during the summer? Lol

Why didn’t I eat nothing but kakigoori. Lol


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