Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Let’s get intense.

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It’s cooled down quite a bit at night.

It looks like tomorrow will be clear.

The weather report had it at a 70% chance of rain then that changed to cloudy,
and then it improved to being clear!

The sunny woman is in perfect form!
“How’s that?!” If I do say so myself!!!!

All the preparations for HEAD SPEAKER’s Record Release live are complete!

Tomorrow is a live at eggman!
Let’s all get pumped up for our good friends HEAD SPEAKER at their Record Release!
Let’s all go crazy at the live!

It’s on a week day but, Draft King’s appearance will be at 20:25~ a bit late but let’s be on time!

We’re taking preorders on the Draft King website and Twitter
so take care of us.

Yesterday night, I got an excessive feeling of wanting to play my bass.
But there really wasn’t any reason for it.

I wan tot play it at a live quickly.

I’ll be waiting at eggman tomorrow!


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