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Nohappi and Kanappe.

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Did you see the TwitCast?
This time I did it together with HEAD SPEAKER’s Kana-chan!
It was fun!

Doing it together was reassuring.
When I do it by myself I just fail,, Lol
We laughed a lot and it was interesting!

But, the transmission was bad,
I’m sorry it cut out multiple times…

Next time I’ll make sure it broadcasts properly!

And, the 22nd is HEAD SPEAKER’s Record Release Party!
Look forward to seeing Draft King and HEAD SPEAKER play for the first time in a while!

lives for October have been successively announced!

First is,
10/11 (Saturday) MINAMI WHEEL 2014

We’ll be able to take part in MINAMI WHEEL this year too!!
Draft King will be at FANJ twice on the first day, the 11th, at 16:00!

I’m really looking forward to being in Osaka for the first time in a while, and at MINAMI WHEEL too!
I’ll put in some spirit!

10/13 (Monday) Shibuya eggman

This day is eggman’s Kubo-chan’s 30th birthday. Lol
It’s an eggman family gathering with so many wonderful faces it’ll definitely be fun, a sure win!

It’ll be to fun!!!

With that feeling, I’m happy there are a lot of lives that I’m looking forward to.
And I want to do one of them quickly!

First is the 22nd! eggman!

Come and see Nohappi and Kanappe.♡ Lol


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