Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Speaking of Autumn.

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Since it’s the Autumn of sports,
I’m recalling our exercise meet but,

There is one exercise meet I wont forget for the rest of my life.

It was,
the day before an exercise meet in my 4th year of elementary school,
I came back from school,
and was playing hide and seek with my friend in the neighborhood.

I think it was the time that “Kogal” was happening in Japan?
I was definitely used to it, Lol
And it happens I was wearing “Atsuzoko” boots.

They were 5cm paisley patterned atsuzoko boots, they were in high circulation at the time,

Of course on that day I was wearing atsuzoko boots while playing hide and seek.

(Well, you can pretty much guess what happened. Lol)

In the middle of hide and seek, I splendidly,


A sharp pain in my ankle!

Yes, I splendidly sprained my ankle…

It was the day before the exercise meet so,
I couldn’t participate in that year’s exercise meet that year, Lol

Such a painful memory. Lol

when I was squatting in pain because of my broken ankle.
my friend quickly came out of their house with bandages. Lol
At the time I thought I had injured myself and was pretty distressed at elementary school. Lol

Lately I’m eating nothing but pears!

IT’s the taste of autumn!!

10/17(Friday) at Shibuya O-EAST,

We will be appearing at Hibikisai 2014 organized by I-RabBits!
After taking part in Hibikisai at Osaka,
I’m so excited we’re able to continue here in Tokyo!


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