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Is summer already over? It’s hiddy, it’s been a while.

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Is summer already over? It’s been a while, its hiddy.
I’ve been hobbling along with Twitter appearances but, it has been a while. I’m sorry (・_・;
Everyone, have you been well? Did you have summer parties?
I didn’t have any summer parties but because it seems summer is ending, I’m being done in by the loneliness.
When there is an event I look forward to, I start to think about how it’s going to end, that’s the type of person I am.
But I think that you should have as much fun as you can at that part!
That’s why you have to enjoy summer as much as you can!
I want to smile.
Last month I was able to do 2 lives.
The first one was at Daikanyama LOOP!
It was a three-man live with Oz, Chelsy, and ,I, hiddy.
The second one was on 7/27 at Shibuya eggman!
It was Inoue Sonoko-chan’s record release event.
Both of them made my heart beat plenty!
I’m grateful for the people I meet.
I’m truly happy I was able to come out for such a great event.
Truly many thanks (/ _ ; )
Everyone who came, everyone who saw hiddy for the first time!
Truly thank you very much!
Using your day’s precious time on hiddy, listening to my music, thank you. Truly thank you.
I’m happy people even got some goods!
When I think that my goods are in your houses, I get shy. And happy.
Use the towels a lot, since it’s summer.
Put the stickers up somewhere close to you!
So you always remember me (lol)
And so you want to come see me again!
I always get spirit from the people who support me.
Replies on Twitter and people who call out to me after lives, that makes me really happy.
Thank you for being courageous and calling out to me.
I can always remember countless times that I’ve heard your words.
I’m properly looking at your faces and eyes! I remember them!
Ahh I want to respond.
Thank you always.
Everyone, smile ok?
I’ll do my best so that my music becomes a more intimate part of your lives.
I have so many things I want to convey that I cant write on the blog.
If I did I would go on forever.
That’s true even if I write a bit of them (Lol)
Today, I went to see 9nine’s live at Budokan, but everyone was so cool (^o^)/
And once again, there, I was able to confirm again “I want to stand at Budokan!”
I want to show everyone that scenery too.
I can still do it. I can totally do it.
There are things I want to convey, and things I want to share. A lot of them!
Maybe little by little.
But I’ll continue on.
Everyone just wait ok? (*^^*)
I ran on a bit.
Thank you to everyone who read up until here!
Thank you for using your time.
I’ll update again.
I’m pretty tired today too.
Good night.



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