Sunday, December 17, 2017
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This is how I wear it.

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Yellow Draft King T-shirt

For how many days was this called the Draft King pattern? Lol
A block-checkered skirt with the T-shirt tucked in.
I tuck my shirt in very often,
Effective with long legs! Lol
If you’re ever having trouble coordinating your outfit, go IN, IN, IN!! Lol

Blue Draft King T-shirt

The large size is pretty big and loose.
Wearing the big T one=piece style is comfortable, cute, and lovable fashion♡

I wrote it on Twitter but,
Because of the different sizes, you should get one quickly so you can get your preferred size and color!

I recommend both but,
But I’m a yellow supporter I guess♡

You cant order them through the mail right now so,
by all means get them at a live venue.

We’ll definitely have them at the next 8/24 live!
I’ll be waiting!!


If I make my hair into twin tails or a ponytail
I get so many reactions that I’m surprised!

It’s been hot lately so I tie up my hair a lot.

Sorry that the picture doesn’t show it at all. Lol


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