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ALiCE IN UNDERGROUND 2nd Live Announced!

As you all should have known, ALiCE IN UNDERGROUND held their first Live at the Shibuya WWW.

With this exciting debut they have also just announced another Live! It will be held at the TSUTAYA O-WEST on the 26th of December later this year.

More information has been revealed by, including the set list and information about future events. Here is the translation:

ALiCE IN UNDERGROUND, the band formed by former Stereopony member AIMI and former serial TV drama member Arai Hiroki, held their first oneman live [episode1: Infection] on 8/17 at Tokyo WWW.

AliCE IN UNDEGROUND is a new band that was formed with a “zombie” theme. With the staff were all wearing zombie make-up and eerie ornaments hung all over the grounds, the completeness of the performance, made the atmosphere rise. With an announcement from AIMI, a music program began playing on the screen overhead, and with a reporter’s voice who had ran from zombies echoing, the back-up band began the performance. AIMI appeared on stage while doing a “zombie walk”, the live’s fuse was cut with the first song [Ai don wana dai (I don’t wanna die)]. With the next number, which combined a pop and metal sound [Koi suru▼ zombie (Zombie that ▼ loves)] (the ▼ is a heart mark), Arai played the guitar while jumping and really got the audience excited.

On the center stage where the opening movie played a band of actors put on a comical skit. After that, on [Zombi no Daiundoukai (Great Zombie Exercise Meet)], holding pom poms, AIMI and some dancers came out, with a smile AIMI showed a cute-like performance. Finally when [PARTY OF THE DEAD] and [Kimi ni Kanzen Pandemikku(Complete Pandemic to you)] had played, AIMI faced the excited crowd and dived on stage, until the end a hot live unfolded.

Now ALiCE IN UNDERGROUND has announced a second oneman live at Tokyo TSUTAYA O-WEST on 12/26. Besides this they will appear on 9/4 at TSUTAYA O-WEST for [MONSTER PARTY ~Supernatural Phenomenon~] and on 9/17 at Tokyo clubasia’s bayfm sponsored event [NEXT POWER ON! LIVE Vol. 11].

Don’t forget to check out the original article for a bunch of Live Photos!


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