Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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It’ll be fun!

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The performers for the planned 8/24(Sunday) live have been revealed!

They’re wonderful this time too.
There’s no doubt it’ll definitely become a hot festival.


Even after the Record Release Final they’ll still perform for us!
Truth be told, yesterday I went to see LoVendoЯ’s tour final live.
The members and the venue became one, it was a great live!
I’m looking forward to be able to do a live together!

Hime carat

A band we haven’t played with in a while!
Everyone’s so cute but when they pick up their instruments they’re cool!
You can call them idols but they’re definitely a band!
If you watch them you’ll understand! They’re cool!

When I was the age of all the Hime carat members, I couldn’t play that well.

Japan’s Electrical Combo

After calling them up, they will perform for us again!
It’s no good ~No good, no good♡
No matter how many times I see it, it’s funny. I love it.
I’m happy we’ll be able to see each other again.
Ah I’m looking forward to it


One of my favorite performers!

I have been a fan of Go-sama since about the time I was writing a blog on Mobage (Already 4~5 years ago).
The day I can meet him has finally come!
So excited my hearts beating.

With that feeling, it looks like it’ll be super hot right?
By all means please look forward to it!
Everyone come and visit!!

And tomorrow 7/26 is a live at eggman!

It’s our first band live in a while!

It’ll be Ryuu-kun of Savannah’s birthday so, let’s all grandly make it a lively day!

Happy~! Spiral!!!


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