Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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It’s become July

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It’s been a while
on the blog too.


Lately the sky’s been moody.

It says “It’s raining”
then it’s clear

Then it says “It’s sunny”
and it rains heavily.

I wonder if the sky’s depressed too.

That’s why, I’m feeling
am feeling moody now too.

Coincidentally when it rained heavily
I was outside. And I got really surprised.

Since I didn’t even have an umbrella


That kind of feeling!
So after taking shelter from the rain
I safely made my way home.

Is everyone ok??

When I am feeling really depressed
it’s brightly shining outside,

And when I feel really good
there’s heavy rain.

Like this it seems selfish.
The weather and I are in opposition!

But, the cold temperature is gone so
basically I’m ok.

Something like that!
Like I want to laugh!
In high spirits(Lol)

I, hiddy, love summer.

It’s hot and it feels like I’m melting but
I have so much fun
that I don’t notice at all.

I am properly experiencing that “summer”

This year I want to go to a BBQ

I also really want to go to the beach

I start having fun just thinking about it, summer.

More than a lonely winter song, I

am more likely to cry listening to a summer song.

That was sudden (Lol)


Let’s hope that rainy season passes
quickly in a day (Or here at last)

I’m wishing that
rainy season ends. (Seriously )

Now, Ill get back to writing songs.




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