Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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MV Offshot.

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Lovely… I wonder what senpai is doing.
Kind of feeling.

Isn’t erasing a blackboard nostalgic?

When I told her she was an electricity thief she got pretty mad..Lol

↑When I was in high school I was really like this. Lol
I was a kid who slept a lot. Lol

Make believe confession. lol
(Thank you to the male student who cooperated.)

Lunch break-like.

Young people.

Couple shot. Lol

When I walk with SHIHO
we get told we look like a couple by a lot of people but,
SHIHO-san is definitely not my girlfriend or anything. Lol

But when I say that it is return in the same way.
NOHANA 120% not my girlfriend!!

That’s rude! Lol

That’s all for Draft King Academy!

I still want to wear uniforms. Lol

Abracadabra MV

Watch it ok?♡


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