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Stereopony Out of Print

It has been almost two years since Stereopony suddently announced that they would be disbanding. Between then and their eventual dissolution in December 2012 Stereopony released their final single Just rock with me, recorded a track for YUI’s tribute album She Loves You, and released their best of album BEST of STEREOPONY. Stereopony’s final live was also released on DVD early in 2013.

Because Stereopony is disbanded and no longer signed with Sony Records, it would appear that their record label is no longer printing their discography. According to searches on CD Japan, many of Stereopony’s products that were once available on the retailer’s website are listed as “No Longer Available.” Stereopony’s first two albums and five of their singles are no longer available in any version on CD Japan. Mostly everything released before 2011 is no longer available.

As the years go by, Stereopony’s discography will continue to grow in value as the current stock of Stereopony CDs and DVDs dwindle, while more and more people begin to discover Stereopony music for the first time. All Stereopony fans should be encouraged to complete their CD and DVD collections while they are still available for purchase. Otherwise, you may eventually have to search far and wide for anything you missed out on.

A list of what is left at CD Japan is listed below. Hurry up and purchase what you need before they run out!

Namida no Mukou (Regular Edition)
I do it (Regular Edition)
Tsukiakari no Michishirube (Regular Edition)
ZONE Tribute -Kimi ga Kureta Mono- (Limited Edition)
ZONE Tribute -Kimi ga Kureta Mono- (Regular Edition)
Tatoeba Utaenakunattara (Limited Edition)
Tatoeba Utaenakunattara (Regular Edition)
Arigatou (Limited Edition Type A)
Arigatou (Limited Edition Type B)
More! More!! More!!! (Limited Edition Type B)
More! More!! More!!! (Regular Edition)
STEREOPONY to Moshimasu -Seijin Hen-
stand by me (Limited Edition)
Just rock with me (Limited Edition)
Just rock with me (Regular Edition)
She Loves You
BEST of STEREOPONY (Regular Edition)
Stereopony Final Live -BEST of STEREOPONY-


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