Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Secret Shooting.

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Today from the morning, I went to a certain shoot.

With SUPER BEAVER’s vocalist Shibuya-kun.

We formed an unexpected duo. Lol
It’s mysterious. Lol

To me it was a new challenge so my heart was beating but,
somehow it safely concluded.
It was fun doing it!

I’ll leave out the details for another day!
Look forward to it!

It’s July now,
so the July eggman’s free paper is out for distribution too!

This time there’s plenty of Draft King with 2 pages!

Along with the intimate Draft King story,
eggman×stageAce’s first collaborative video, SHIBUYA550’s commemoration first interview is with Draft King!

On the story page, you get to know Draft King more. Lol
Really it is showing how individualistic our members are. lol

The SHIBUYA550 is more of a serious interview, everyone can watch it at the stageAce site!
By all means check it out please!


I ate a large serving of pasta. Cleaned out the dish.


Also p.s

We have safely found an outfit for SHIHO to wear on the 7/7 Tanabata day live. Lol
This day is special!!
A Draft King that’s different than usual will reach you.

Look forward to 7/7 Daikanyama LOOP!!


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