Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Stage Theme Song decided!

It was announced that AIMI’s song “Hoshizora no Shita de” (Under the Star-filled Sky) will be the theme song for troupe TEAM-ODAC’s play “Bukkowa Shitai Sekai” (A Word I want to Destroy). So far there is no set release date for the song. The only way to hear it is to attend the play either on July 16 or July 21.

Here is a translation of the announcement from the AIMI Official Web Site.

The new song “Under the Star-filled Sky” will be supplied as the theme song for troupe TEAM-ODAC’s play “A World I want to Destroy” which will take place in July!

What sort of world will be created with AIMI’s singing voice on troupe TEAM-ODAC stage “A World I want to Destroy”?

The release of this song has not been fixed yet so those who are curious, please go and check it out at the play♪

The play’s date and details can be found at troupe TEAM-ODAC’s HP.

※AIMI will not be making an appearance in the play.

「Under the Star-filled Sky」
Lyrics ・Composition AIMI



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