Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Yokohama Arena → Osaka.

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Today we went to the Yokohama Arena with all the members to see SCANDAL’s live.

The Yokohama Arena is amazing.
At 25 years old, it’s the same as I am. Wao

Everyone from Sca-chan was cool.
There’s still tomorrow so I wont go into detail but,
hearing certain songs from the Yokohama Arena stage gave me goose bumps.

I still have to do my best so that we can have a live with SCANDAL again.

I got some inspiration from SCANDAL and,
The date having just changed,
today is Draft King’s Hibikisai live!!

Draft King wants to liven things up with all we’ve got!
By all means come and visit!

Heading towards Osaka!

Maybe for BGM [Background Music] we should go with SCANDAL.


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