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Although we’re becoming adults we can have fun.

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When we went to Osaka,
we all went to a game center to kill some time.

SHIHO played the coin games.
(They aren’t slots~ Lol)

A little girl gave us the evil eye.

Losing. Lol
(Don’t break the game machine)

We got bored of it quickly and moved on to the next stage.

We challenged a fishing game mixed in with some boys
(A boss feeling came out. Lol)

We got obsessed with a new coin game
but we ran out of coins and it ended~. Lol

When we decided “Let’s go to a game center”, the one who wanted to go least was SHIHO-san, who ended up having the most fun. Lol
We were all just waiting for SHIHO to run out of coins. Lol

No matter how much I go to game centers, I always get excited.
I’m always surprised because there are new age games I don’t know of!
The fishing game SHIHO-san got obsessed with was so high tech we were screaming so excitedly it wasn’t adult like. Lol

I wonder where I can play it in Tokyo?



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