Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Finally next week!
『Just Say u.r.?』 will go on sale at Tower Records throughout the whole country for a limited time!

One week from today you’ll be able to get it on early release.
When I think about Draft King’s CD lined up in stores I get excited.

Up until now the sale has been limited to the live venues so people who haven’t listened to it yet, by all means!

A special sticker will be included exclusively in the Tower Records copy as a gift as well so
make sure you get it.

A in-store live has been decided as well!!

7/14 (Monday) Tower Records Shinjuku Store at 19:00~!
It’s free of charge so if you’re on your way back from school or work, come and visit by all means!!

『Just Say u.r.?』Over the counter sale commemoration
In store live & Photo meet decided!
7/14 (Monday)
Start 19:00
Tower Records Shinjuku Store Event Space 7F

With priority to pre-orders, those who purchase a copy of 「Draft King/Just Say u.r.? 」(NKTM0001)which goes on sale 6/25 (Wednesday) at Tower Records Shibuya Store/Ikebukuro Store/Akihabara Store/Yokohama Store,
will receive a “Photo meet participation ticket”!

Acoustic Mini Live & Photo Meet
Details → Draft King HP

Yesterday we talked about a lot of things during interviews.
I’ll let you know about the details some other time.


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