Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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6/6 Daikanyama LOOP.

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It got late but, I’ll be looking back to the 3 straight lives.

Thank you to everyone who came to Daikanyama LOOP on 6/6.

Thank you for letting your feet carry you to the live house in the rain which was quite heavy.
I wonder if you caught a cold?

I didn’t think we should sell socks for that day only. Lol

Since this day was a two man live,
we could do a lot of songs and enjoyed a long length of time.
Thank you for staying at such a late time.

A picture with all the performers gathered.

The mebers right before the live.

The Gacha Gacha machine that sold out at the Shimokita ReG live will be making a comeback again!

Objective: The complete set!
There are only a few prize T-shirts left!


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