Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Yo, everyone.

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We’ve entered the rainy season but,
how has everyone been??

I don’t like the rain.
Especially when I’m holding an instrument
the noise doesn’t come out right.
It’s a rainy season for the sake of
a popping, shining, dream-like summer.
Let’s endure it.
Even though it’s fine to enjoy the rain
Lately, I’ve intruded on
a lot of lives
Meeting and talking with people,
I went quite far.
There are always words to express what you want but
I couldn’t form them very well
and I was spinning round and round, or rather
I still am I guess.
By meeting people I think my set way of thinking
will begin to loosen.

I wonder what the feeling of excitement
I get when I go to see a live is?
Or rather than excitement, more like throbbing?
It starts right before I go and see a live,
This happiness begins to flow.
I cant hold it in.
I don’t ever want to forget it.
Or the throbbing before a live.
Of course when I can forget about
my everyday when I’m watching alive, that moment too

Anyway, June is rainy season and,
a battle with myself!
Let’s be mindful of our physical conditions★
I want it to be the hot, hot, hot summer quickly
I want to eat ice cream (^o^)/
Alright then, later


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