Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Hopeless at exercise.

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As you will see from the pictures,
the manner of my hopelessness at exercise.

Please look at this.




Ball games especially are my weakness.
(I think I could do it if I tried though.)

I’m the type that always dodges the dodge ball.

When I was in middle school, I thought about joining the basketball club but registration was restricted to one day so I stopped.

I do my best at cheering.
But, I don’t know the rules at all.

But I’m pretty good at running!
I love short distance!
I’m the type that’s really enthusiastic about relays.

I like swimming.
Also, I’m good at the long jump too!

And, hula hoop!! Lol
I cant ride a bicycle. Lol

I hate the horizontal bar,
I cant flip around it or do a pull up either. Lol
The only thing could do was hang from it. Lol

Sports are my weakness but,
I have to move my body occasionally.

Let’s do a fashion ball catch! Lol

There are 3 lives this weekend!!
Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka
Come and visit!!


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