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Quite a bit of time has passed but,

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I became 21☆
I’m truly happy
that I could do a LIVE on the day of my birthday
Thank you to everyone who came..
I have a lot of dreams but,
during this time, two of them came true
Do a LIVE on my birthday.
And have a self organized LIVE.

A lot of people came on 5/20,
and my first self organized LIVE was a huge success♫
Everyone who stayed until late in the evening,
truly thank you very much(;_;)
I have a lot of gratitude
to all the wonderful and beloved performers!
Thanks to everyone it was the best night☆
I’m really happy I was able to meet everyone.
Thank you very much for coming out!


This picture is Koresawa-chan☆☆
Thank you for the encore too!
And the surprise
from the support members。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
I was truly happy,,
Everyone is truly always waking care of me,
I can’t be thankful enough.
Always truly thank you very much(;_;)
The birthday tiara also
made me happy!! (but it was awkward)
Thank you for the cake as well everyone..
Everyone in the venue
singing me happy birthday too,
it was an inexpressible feeling..
Truly, truly thank you very much!

Everyone who congratulated me
I would like to thank
each and everyone of you
It became a night I wont forget.
I’m grateful for all the meetings.
They are common words but,
I truly thought that,
“I’m glad I was born”.
From now on hiddy will
continue facing towards her dreams!
I want to go with everyone!
Please, take care of me from now on!
I truly received a lot
of presents..
When I got home and looked at the presents
I truly thought that I was happy from the bottom of my heart..

Just having this much presents
made my happiness explode when I was starting!
Thank you very much..
I will use them lovingly☆
Thank you for the many bouquets too♪
Sorry that
I cant put all the pictures up..
I’ll divide them and upload them another time☆

I received a lot of
everyone’s love.
From here on out
I’ll do my best daily
so that everyone can become more familiar with hiddy’s music
By recalling all the love
I’ll definitely be able to continue forward
Take care of me from now on♡


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