Saturday, December 16, 2017
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A relationship we can argue in.

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We had rehearsal.

I was bothering SHIHO-san during the chorus. Lol

Yesterday SHIHO wrote on Twitter that she got mad at me but,
What she said at that time, and what she said today was completely different!
Good or bad, the response is always random. Lol
The flip flop was so surprising, all the members, including myself were shocked. Lol

A drinking SHIHO is random so make sure to be careful everyone. Lol

Not matter how many times I try and talk with that random SHIHO, I get a “What was that?” feeling but
whether we each have our own personalities
or we each think differently
I understand so much it’s sickening.

You cant build up this type of personality right away
It’s pretty amazing.
Yeah, it’s sickening. Lol

Intimate friends being a weak spot for me,
I don’t think I would like to talk about everything with the members but,
occasionally as with all the Draft King members
we have a girl’s talk, it’s fun.

Of course I have plenty of thoughts and opinions.
And unless we talk, clash, and sympathize
we wont know anything.

Our members are interesting.


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