Thursday, February 22, 2018
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My favorite ice cream.
Black Mont Blanc.

strawberry Mont Blanc and
the banana Mont Blanc,
finding these recently has been the most exciting thing~.

It seemed like the strawberry Mont Blanc is limited to Samitto!
Samitto is a supermarket in Kanto.

They don’t sell the back Mont Blanc anywhere other than the Kyushu area but,
There’s a single Samitto that sells them in Tokyo so, whenever I want to eat it, I rush over to Samitto. Lol

When I saw the pink Mont Blanc, I was surprised.
It’s pink!
That kind of feeling. Lol

The banana Mont Blanc tasted like Torakichi-kun, definitely delicious!!
I recommend it!!

Torakichi-kun and the black Mont Blanc are ice cream comrades~.

Sorry about the somewhat local blog. Lol
But, I get excited talking about my beloved black Mont Blanc. Lol

Next, more local talk but,

Is there anyone that knows the Chirin chirin ice cream?

Like this one! Lol

A phantom ice cream shop limited to Nagasaki!

Recently I heard a friend talking about how they had eaten some in a while and it made me get nostalgic and want to eat some!

They came to sell at athletic meets and such so I ate it often.
That sweet, cold feeling is nostalgic.

Ahhhhh I want to eat one!

I only return to my hometown for things like New Years so I don’t encounter it often.

Ah, if I’m talking about nostalgic ice cream then I have to mention this!

I love melon flavor the most.

Once it gets hot it becomes the delicious ice cream season!
Though I eat it throughout the whole year. Lol

Whether it’s ice cream or cake, I eat plenty of dessert everyday,,,.
That’s no good.
But I cant stop.

If you have any ice cream recommendations then please tell me.



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