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It’s gotten really late..

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It’s gotten really late..

Everyone who came to the LIVE
at eggman on 4/25!

Everyone who saw me for the first time!

Truly, thank you very much☆

People I have met, please take care of me♬

Thanks for the many presents.

I’m truly happy that I was able to
participate in such a great event
and that I was able to perform with
all of the performers which I hold in high esteem(u_u)

To all the performers☆
Thank you very much!

When the performance was decided
there were feeling of anxiety.

But I thought that I would like to play in such a great event,
and I want to hold a happy live as well!

I’m really, really happy
that I was able to participate..

From start to finish
it was truly an intense day.

I love everyone’s smiles.
I felt deeply happy that I was
able to have a LIVE, thank you.

Although the performance was early,
everyone who came, truly, thank you.

ALLaNHiLLZ, who called me over
Thank you very much☆

I felt and learned a lot,
and going towards my next, self-organized LIVE
I’ll do my best!*\(^o^)/*

The next LIVE is 5/20 (Tuesday)
At Shibuya eggman!

You definitely have to come!

see you ♡


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