Saturday, December 16, 2017
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4/25 Fukuoka Queblick.

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Thank you Fukuoka!

As expected I’m happy to come to my homeland of Kyushu.

Talking to a taxi driver in Kyushu dialect got me pumped up
And if I come here, I immediately start making an accent. lol

If you come to Kyushu, I want you to eat Burakkumonburan and Torakichikun!!
There’s Mirukukku too but, I recommend Burakkumonburan and Torakichikun♡ lol

It’s ice cream I have memories of eating from when I was small!

After that, a friend bought me crêpes from a store I love♡!!

This is really delicious!!

I have also been eating this since I was small, it’s a nostalgic taste.

Long time ago they used to sell them in saran wrap, before you know it
it’s deliciousness increases in the bag!

The springy texture is so good I can’t bear it.

Next is Kokura!
Take care of me!!


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