Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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It’s starting.

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「Just Say u.r.?」
Record Release TOUR~It wont go as you planned 2014~

It’s starting!!

First, thank you 4/18’s Shimokitazawa ReG.

It’s our first live in a while.
I’m happy that we’ll finally get to meet everyone.

Thanks to Oz who invited us!
Oz was cool so I got some motivation.

And, thank you 4/19’s Oosu MID

It’s been a while Nagoya!

Once again I felt that I loved Nagoya’s mood.
That’s why I want to come an do a live here again!

It had been a while since we played with key as well so it was fun!
We’ll be doing a lot of lives together during this tour so it looks like it’ll be fun!

I’m happy we got to see everyone from dolls too!

And then, and then!

Furaibo’s chicken wings♡♡♡

Thank you!!!!!

It’s godly after all, this taste.


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