Saturday, December 16, 2017
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It’s been a while.

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It’s been a while(>_<)

To everyone who came to
the Daikanyama LOOP LIVE on 4/9,
and those who stayed later,
Thank you very much!☆

It was the first live at LOOP as a solo artist.
And my first closing performance!

Thank you for the encore too♪

There was a lot of excitement

I introduced a new song as well but
How was it?(*^^*)

It was a really fun night.

To everyone I met,
and to those who are always coming,
truly thank you.

The presents make me really happy too (v_v)
Thank you always.

Each and every meeting is precious.

People come to the LIVE, listen to my music
And know the person named "hiddy"

That makes me happy.

From now on too, I’ll sing with
my heart so that I can reach the hearts
of everyone who listens.

By all means, please come to my live again♪
I’ll be waiting.
To tomorrow with a smile☆

see you !


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