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It won’t go as you think.

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The one man is over, and I already miss lives.
I want to meet everyone at lives already.

Speaking of which let’s announce some lives all at once.

「Just Say u.r.?」
Record Release TOUR
~It won’t go as you think 2014~

4/18 (Friday)Shimokitazawa ReG
Oz『WE ARE!!!』Country tour ー~「Make it with everyone」The Road to Nippon Budokan season.1~

key and Draft King’s keyDora Night Tour☆
4/19(Satuday) Oosu MID
4/21(Monday) Osaka LIVE HOUSE D’
4/25(Friday) Hakata Queblick
4/27(Sunday) Kokura FUSE
4/28(Monday) Hiroshima Namiki Junction

5/1(Thursday) Daikanyama LOOP
『essence~ORESKABAND×Draft King~』

5/23(Friday) Shibuya eggman
Just Say u.r.? Record Release TOUR~It won’t go as you think 2014~ Final

That’s how it is.
These are lives in order so that「Just Say u.r.?」can reach a lot more people!
Come and visit!!

Yesterday all the members met to celebrate the completion of the one man.

Man, I ate a lot.

I ate shabu shabu, pizza, Chinese fried rice, and desert completely.

Because I was going on “Blah blah blah” about the future of Draft King, no matter how much I ate and ate, my stomach stayed empty. Lol

It got hot.

On the way back, with Draft King and full of spirit, I got a super flashy carrying bag, it was a happy night.


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