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Full song commentary.

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Continuing from yesterday,
Today I want to do a commentary for all the songs in『Just Say u.r.?』

Well, I say every song but there are only 3 and each is deep and filled with emotion so I want to do this commentary properly.

1. Abra Kadabra

You would be fine calling this Draft King’s live staple.
After our formation, from the very start, this song is definitely in the set list.
The moment everyone in the venue spins their towels during the high point of the song, getting pumped up as one is the best feeling.

“Abra Kadabra” are magic words that make you feel like you can do anything when recited, an invincibly positive song.
It’s a love that has no rival so it’s has a strong, full powered feeling to it.
“Realize how great I am.” Kind like that. Lol

Not just love, when you are able to use all your strength, it’s a wonderful thing.
If everyone is able to use all their strength after saying the magic words “Abra Kadabra” then I’ll be happy.

2. Hey My Love

Since this song pumps up the live, it’s a song we never fail to play.
Making the CD, doing and then re-doing the arranging, I wonder if this became the most transformed song?
MAO’s guitar continuously butts in so it became a cool, rock-like song.

In the shouting part we recorded everyone’s voices on top of each other.
This is the only one you can hear my own voice in so check it out for sure. Lol

On the shouting part where we shout “Hey My!Hey Love!” I want Draft King’s love to reach everyone♡ Lol

3. Mayonaka Merry-go-Round

This song also changed when we recorded it.
Somehow it ended up really romantically moving.
Erica’s voice during the interlude…Her long breath comes out with a great flavor!

But, this song is different at a live.
We go around and do solos for everyone in the instrument corps!

The lyrics setting is Tokyo at midnight.
(It has the look of Shibuya but, is pictured as Harajuku, sorry. Lol)

In Tokyo no matter where you are there are always people around but, there are plenty of times I’ve suddenly become pained and think about various things.
Fun things, lonely thing, it’s a town where there is plenty of inspiration.

But, if it’s ok now then holding on to that time, forget about tomorrow and your sadness and let’s dance. That type of song. Lol
But I may not be able to say that well. Lol

I think that lives are also places like this.

Everyone has everyday stress and irritations but, they look forward to the lives so just for that time, without thinking anything, let’s have fun! Something like that.

That type of meaning is also contained.

The commentary for these three songs has this kind of feeling.
I don’t know if I was able to convey it properly but,
After reading this, it would be great if you listened closely to the songs again.

I’ll talk about my experience recording and the things I felt from the members.

Or so I thought but,
Today’s blog ended up being long so, I’ll write about his again when I feel up to it. Lol


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