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Shibuya QUATTRO one man live.

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Everyone who came to Shibuya QUATTRO on 3/28, truly, thank you.

Draft King~2nd mission to the DK~@Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO

Mission clear!

A big success!!!

It was truly a fun, happy time.
It was the greatest night.

A live after about a year since the formation of Draft King.
It was a big challenge.
Of course there were anxieties and
I was nervous up until the performance.

I don’t think of lives as being successful when they’re sold out or there’s no room left, you just have to do what you can, so we gave it Draft King’s everything.

When I was up on the stage and looked out to the venue I was surprised.
More people than I imagined came to see us.

My smiling wouldn’t stop.

Everyone came from all over the country.
It made me happy seeing everyone’s faces from the stage.
I got a good look at everybody.

Thank you for the cake and flowers.

Thank you for the many snacks.
We firmly received all of them.

I’m glad Draft King was able to have the one man at QUATTRO.
Now, we’re only getting started from here on out!
I want to see various more scenarios together with everyone.

Take care of us from now on!

After we finished we were told by various people that the MC was long. Lol
Sorry. Lol
For the next one we wont talk, yesterday’s live was special.

I’m happy if you listened even only a little to my thoughts.
Thank you for listening.

Let’s meet at a live again!
I’ll be always waiting!


It seems the Gacha Gacha machine’s handle broke right away so sooty for the inconvenience.


The ending was fun too.
This leader is in everyone’s hands.

Thank you for the best day.


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