Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Finally Tomorrow.

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Finally tomorrow is the live at Shibuya QUATTRO!

Is everyone ready?

We just finished our last rehearsal with a really good feeling.

With some spirit,
I put a giraffe with a crown on my nail

When we announced the QUATTRO live, I honestly thought it would be a big challenge.
But up until this day we have done what we could.
That’s why all that’s left is to present the current Draft King!

By all means, please come to receive this power!

I also want to get the CD that was finally finished.

Being able to hold a live,
And releasing a CD
Aren’t easy
Of course

That’s why each and every one is important.

I want to exchange something through music with everyone from now on too.

I’ll be waiting tomorrow at Shibuya QUATTRO!!


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