Saturday, December 16, 2017
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I wonder if Spring is finally here?

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I wonder if spring is finally here?
It’s become warm!
I’m so happy(*^^*)

Just by walking outside,
I get a happy feeling!
A wind with a good feeling is blowing.

And with today like this,
I went to see
a becky♪♯ live!

A happy aura was coming out of her entire body.
Her smiling face was really great.

I was able to spend a happy time because of her.

Just like becky♪♯
I want to be the type of person
that shines and can make happiness reach everybody around.

I received a lot of encouragement.
Thank you very much(*^o^*)

Everyday is not wasted time.
It’s all connecting to the future.

I wont forget my feelings of gratitude.

From tomorrow, one more week!
Let’s do our best!

For the future’s sake(`・ω・´)

good night 🙂


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