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BEEAST Seal of Approval Series, 26th Artist: Draft King

The following text is an English translated excerpt of the original interview by Web Rock Magazine BEEAST. Read the full English translation on the Very Good Days Forum.

For the feature on artists which this magazine, BEEAST, has confidence in and pushed a seal of approval, the four piece girls rock band Draft King is being introduced.

Draft King was formed in January 2013. It started with NOHANA(Bass) and SHIHO(Drums)formerly active as Stereopony, and MAO who was serving as Stereopony’s support guitarist at its core. After that, Erica, who was chosen as vocals joined and activities began in earnest.

From the time of their formation they’ve had vigorous live activities, in June they released their self-produced CD “Hey my love”. Although sale was limited to the live venue, it sold out the same day. After that they continued live activities, then only 8 months after their formation they made their 1st one man live at Shibuya eggman “~1st mission to the DK~in Shibuya eggman” a success. And in the coming March on the 28th (Friday) their 2nd one man live, ”~2nd mission to the DK~at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO” will take place. We asked the Draft King members, who are approaching one year since their formation about the details of their activities, and their enthusiasm about their 2nd one man live.


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