Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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The jacket has been unveiled!

『Just Say u.r.?』

Is it just as you say?

Whether it’s fate or a divination, the things that great people say, no matter how certain they are, I have a feeling it can be changed by something possessed by oneself.

Anything can be changed by oneself.

Draft King will change them.

This band has been performing for about a year.
This disc full of Draft King’s confidence has been finished.
I’m once again feeling the joy of being able to release the CD.

I hope it reaches a lot of people,,!

Draft King 1st EP
「Just Say u.r.?」

Recorded Songs
Abra Kadabra
Hey My Love
Mayonaka Merry-go-round

It will be sold from the one man on 3/28 (Friday) at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO!!

Let’s meet at the live house!
I’ll be waiting!!!


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