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It’s a bit late but, I’ll answer the extra questions in this volume.

I’m going to Nagasaki so can you recommend somewhere to go??

My hometown of course, Shimabara!
It is rural but it is a leisurely town.

What is the best movie you have seen lately?

I haven’t seen a movie at all lately..
There are plenty of times I want to go to the movie theater though
So reversely, do you have any recommendations?

Your best outfit recently is?!!(」゜□゜)」
or an item that you treasure(*/ω\*)

Anything related to music is inexcusable (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Yes, I warmly welcome any talk not related to music! Lol

My best outfit,,
Lately I haven’t been able to go shopping at all, lately it has all been protection from the cold and I would say it’s my best. Lol

For the time being I’ll say my best outfit is the one from the Abra Kadabra MV. Lol

After, maybe bamboo from Sendai. Lol

NOHANA has the image of always eating chicken wings, but have you had any lately?

I haven’t.
I want to eat chicken wings in Nagoya after all, so I want to hurry up and go to Nagoya!

I wasn’t able to go to any DK lives for the latter half of last year but since it is winter it is the season to get fuuraibou [chicken wings]. Have you gotten some from anyone?

Ah, you can’t depend on me though. Before I forget I’ll go see you ^_^;

I got some at the Nagoya live in November last year!
As I thought, fuuraibou are godly!
I’ll be waiting at the lives again! Lol

①The name NOHANA is fine but what characters do you use to write it?
Is it in hiragana?
If it’s ok, could you tell me?(⌒‐⌒)

I’m not officially announcing it but, my real name is in kanji!

②Not as Draft King but privately
what is the thing you want to do most right now?(o^O^o)

I want it to get warmer so I can have a flower viewing picnic!

What music do you usually listen to recently?

As usual I love Amuro Namie.

After that, I’m not sure, I basically live a silent everyday.
The TV’s never on at home either. Lol

What has been your favorite item for years or something you are fond of?

Probably the ring I’m always wearing.
It’s a congratulatory gold pinky ring I bought for myself for coming of age.

And something I am fond of are my earrings.

「A part of your house exhibit♡」
If there is a part of (your house’s) interior that you are fond of, then I would like to see it!

There are a lot of things in my room so it became like this but, things are placed for easy access so I am fond of it.

・When you get snacks, what makes you the happiest?
Just coming to the lives is enough!
Hearing your voices makes me happier.

・Your favorite food, and foods that don’t agree with you?
Like→ Chicken, rice, chocolate parfaits, vitamins & collagen.
Hate→ Anything that lives in the sea (Since raw things are no good for me), and fatty meats.

・Things you hate, or things you don’t agree with?
Rollercoasters, pack mentality, its the same with people.

・Besides black cat-chan are there any things like characters that you like?

A white rabbit!!

・You have a stomach that’s a black hole but, you aren’t gaining any weight? (Lol)

It’s because I don’t know where all that food goes that I call it a black hole. Lol

Is there a place you would die to go?

Travel into space!

What about foreign countries?
Anywhere Japanese is understood. Lol

Besides music
is there anything you want to accomplish
by the end of the year?

I want to move.
But I have made no plans at all, lol

It seems that Nohana-san is quite fixated on her nails but how often do you actually change them?

About every month.
Doing my nails lifts my spirits and I can do my best on the bass. Lol

Do you have any plans to do a Twitcast again?(^^)
I want to see a Twitcast with you and Arisa-san together too!!
I have thought so too!! I want to do a Twitcast before the one man!
But I don’t know if I’ll be able too. Lol

I also want to make a Twitcast with Arippe a reality too!

How is NOHANA-san so pretty?
Please tell me your beauty secrets!

Being told that is an honor
Thank you.

Alright, that all!
If you want to know anything again go ahead and ask.


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