Saturday, December 16, 2017
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2/13 Osaka MUSE.

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Everyone who came to Osaka MUSE, thank you!

Everyone from Osaka was in high spirits!
It was fun!!
To those who we hadn’t seen in a while and to those we just met, let’s play again.

We got handmade chocolate from the cute high school girls of ЯeaL♡

They were delicious. Thank you♡
I’m jealous of (those) high school students

They are still first years in high school but they are already properly holding their dreams and firmly accomplishing them.

Do your best towards accomplishing your dreams!

It was for a short time but, we enjoyed ourselves in Osaka,

Now we’re heading towards Kobe!

Draft King’s first Kobe (live)! Hyougo prefecture!!

Tomorrow is a live at Kobe VARIT.
Draft King’s performance will be at about 20:40.

Snow has been forecasted so be careful when you come.
I’m waiting.

Let’s look forward to tomorrow!


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