Saturday, January 20, 2018
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The snow was so amazing today you wouldn’t think it was Tokyo.
When I woke up today and looked out my window I was startled.

I’m always complaining about the cold but, if it falls like this that will be troubling so,
I made a snow Daruma!

Rabbit ver.

Black beard ver.

It came out pretty good so I was satisfied♪
It’s cold but playing in the snow is fun.

It’s piling up quite a bit so be careful when you go outside everyone.
Be care full at night so as not to fall!

Now, the answers to yesterday’s quiz!

The correct answer,


was that!!!

There were a lot of people who guessed right!
Congratulations! Ding ding ding ding

1st and 2nd place was always a close contest.
I was passed by MAO at the very end, it was vexing.
For Erica in 3rd place, it kind of felt like she made it desperately,
and SHIHO in last place was slowed down because she was always beaten to the items. Lol

This is how the Draft King Mario Kart showdown turned out!

It was fun!
Lets do it again.


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