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Me, four years ago.

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Congratulations to everyone who had their coming-of-age ceremony!

This year our vocals, erica will reach her coming-of-age.

I wonder how the coming-of-age ceremony was?
What color kimono did she wear?
Did the guys wear hakama? Suits?
I wonder if she met a lot of old friends?
It’s a once in a lifetime day so you have to make it important.

“Twenty years old”

It has a wonderful sound to it.

In a flash, I am becoming the age where I am jealous or it is nostalgic.

It has already been 4 years since I had my coming-of-age ceremony.

The adult I planned to be from my childhood was in reality far more grown up and, I can’t catch up at all but,
But, being an adult, to summarize there are various annoying things,,Lol

I may have become an adult a bit but,
But my interior hasn’t changed at all and
If I can live how I want forever then I think that is good too.

Since it has been a while I am posting this picture of me at the time of my coming-of-age ceremony. Lol
They were properly taken at a photography studio.
Since the view from the front is embarrassing, here is the side shot. Lol

Ahh It’s embarrassing!! Lol

But all of that became memories!



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