Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Hasn’t it been cold lately?

Yesterday they were saying it might snow in Tokyo but it rained
Even though I got my hopes up

But, I am no good with cold weather so if anyone has any recommendations to fight the cold, please tell me.

For now a heat patch on my back is a must.
Later I’ll use one on my feet.

Oh yeah,
This rehearsal I got some winter oranges from a rehearsal staff lady.

I had an orange bath [Japanese practice of putting oranges into bath during the winter] It was very winter-like.

Even the disliked winter is becoming fun.

Changing stories
Since there was a question in the comments,

These clothes are from moussy!

I like them but, I have no idea what the “DANA” on them means, it’s always a mystery. Lol

Ask me questions whenever even on the blog.


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