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Yesterday was the first Draft King project at Shibuya eggman!

Although it was a weekday I’m happy that so many people came.
Thank you!!

This time’s event, we performed with idol girls who we don’t always have the chance perform with.
“I wonder what kind of feeling it will have?” Thinking this, I was a bit anxious but, it was really fun!


Hime carat♡

A picture of everyone gathered together♡

Everyone was young, cute, and good girls, the whole time our SHIHO was saying “This is heaven”. Lol
Yeah, everyone was really cute. ♡

With Hime carat’s bass, Mimi-chan♡

She was still 16 and it seems it has been one year since she started playing but, she was so good I wouldn’t think she had just started, she surprised her older sister!!
She was cool!

The special collaboration limited to this day was fun!
We did Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri) with Sanmyuu~
and Love won’t stop (Ai ga tomaranai) with Hime carat.

We had the special collaboration and yesterday’s live wasn’t the same as usual; it was fresh, stimulating, and there were plenty of new discoveries.

I myself am being vague but
It was a good live.

I want to do a fun event like this again!

It’s a bit hard to understand but, the NEW outfit was unveiled.

This time Draft King is glittering! Lol

I’m happy that the Draft Giraffe towels were also popular!!

The next live is at the end of the year on December 30th at Shibuya eggman, there’s a bit of time in between but please wait for it.
This will be the last live of the year so let’s end this Draft King live together. Lol

Alright then, later.

Thank you for the many snacks yesterday.
It made me happy.


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