Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Accordingly, the city is now sparkling.

In the meantime, tomorrow is the first December live.

The live is December 6th (Friday) at Roppongi morph-tokyo.
Lives in Giroppon [Roppongi] are fashionable somehow. Lol
Draft King’s turn is at around 5:50PM it is a bit early so don’t be late!

And, the live after that is
On December 10th (Tuesday) at Shibuya eggman
『Draft King ×Shibuya eggman presents ~ LIVE COMPLEX~』
Act: Draft King /Sanmyu~/ Hime carat

It will be a special live that is different from the usual!
We will be doing a special collaboration that is limited to that day.
The amount of time will also be longer than usual so please look forward to it!

I’m waiting~~~

And, since live information is occasionally added go ahead and check!

December 30th (Monday) Shibuya eggman
A tradition at Shibuya eggman, to complement the end of the year, a Band Music Festival!

eggman’s end of the year event

This year, it seems that Draft King has won the award for playing the most lives at eggman by far! That makes me happy.

January 18th 2014 (Saturday) Shibuya eggman
Violent is Savanna × eggman presents ~CATCH BALL~ vol.17

The first round to open the year, a reborn Savanna’s event.
It is a live at the familiar eggman with familiar friends so I’m really looking forward to the next year from here on out!

February 11th 2014 (Holiday) Shimokitazawa ReG
「Daytime Dream Beliver」~THE LEAPS vs Draft King~
start 12:00  adv 2500 yen
THE LEAPS, Draft King O.A Mitsuya

And, this two man live with THE LEAPS has been decided!!
It is still a bit ahead but, I’m looking forward to playing with such a cool girl’s band too much!

Somehow talking about next year I get really excited.
It is because we are going to be doing a lot of lives from here on out!

First is Roppongi morph!

Take care of us!


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