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11/30 Nagoya RAD HALL.

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So, everyone who came to Nagoya, thank you!!

I wonder if it has been about half a year?
I was happy I was able to come again!

Thanks for these, they’re my favorite.
The fact that there are so many makes me happy♡

Thank you for the other snacks too!

This time, we were able to become better friends with HEAD SPEAKER with these 2 day lives.

Nagoya limit? Everyone lined up to eat at Sugakiya’s counter. Lol

I wont lose to anyone in impersonation KANA-chan’s voice. Lol
I have to master it more!


Thank you for inviting us to Osaka and Nagoya!
It was too fun being able to have the greatest trip with our beloved friends!

Let’s be good friends from here on out too!

And, from this live it is the start of Draft King as a four piece.

I have various thoughts but, I cant just look back, I will continue on!

I had a lot of anxiety but, witnessing the end of the live, it is extremely positive now.

In these few days, the self-awareness of the members has changed.
Knowing this from experience, I thought that I too have to pull the band forward.

Yeah, Ill do it.

Please take care of us from here on out.

| Translation by CrimsonKnight4 |


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