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5DK of Draft King, Vol. 9 (2013-12-01)

The following text is an English translated excerpt of the original interview by eggman. Read the full English translation on the Very Good Days Forum.

The ninth publication of “Draft King’s 5DK ~ The Draft King meeting!!~”!
In order for everyone to know more about the members, we have been tracing their musical roots. This time it is erica [Vocal] and also the last one! In addition we received a message from all the members expressing their gratitude for the past year!!

We’ll start right away and ask about you musical roots. What was the occasion in which erica-chan thought “I want to do music”?

erica: With my parent’s influence, from the time I was small it (my interest in music) was nurtured in an environment in which music was usually flowing, because I was always close to music there was never a specific occasion and before I realized it I was aiming for the path of music. That being said from that young age I always selfishly and firmly believed I would succeed in the path of music (lol).


So the start of that first step was in Draft King.

erica: That’s right. It was a first time experience for me being able to stand on stage in front of others in a live, it felt like I was finally beginning to head towards my dream.


Are the any artists you have set as objectives?

erica: Freddie Mercury. I use a white microphone stand in admiration of him, but I would like to become a vocalist who is capable of such a live performance.


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