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11/16 ESP LIVE.

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It’s gotten a bit late but,
Yesterday was the live at ESP Musical Academy Building 11 in Takanobaba!

It was an event put together by students.
I am happy that they invited Draft King.

Red Hot Rock
It was a hot event!

I thought that the vocational school students were from the same age as I was, but since the most months have passed since I started a band, I don’t know about the same age, they were definitely my juniors. Lol
But, I thought that it was really great that everyone younger than me is working hard towards their dreams.
I don’t want to lose yet so I’ll work hard too!

Dreams are things that come true!!

Draft King’s Black Thunder.
This makes me really happy.
I’m taking one and not eating it!

SHIHO-san playing a keyboard that was backstage.
Of course it being a music vocational school there would be instruments, but I like this atmosphere.

I got a picture taken with an instant camera!
I wrote my passionate feelings on the board.
The camera didn’t catch it but,
I wrote “I want to eat a BIG parfait”

Thanks for the fun live!

And, yesterday night I went to a Negoto live at Shibuya Quattro.

Since Draft King will be doing a one-man live here on March 28, I am glad all the members came.

Quattro is nice. I love this live house.

To tell the truth, it is my first time seeing Negoto live but it was really cool and I was captivated by Negoto’ world!!

I am also happy I was able to meet with all the members♪

It was my first time meeting with their guitar player Mizuki-chan but,
For some reason she told me “It’s been a while!” which surprised me. Lol
Perhaps because we know about each other, it was her intention to act like we have met. Lol
Funny. Lol

That was my entire day yesterday!

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