Saturday, January 20, 2018
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11/2 Ebisu aim.

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Yesterday was the live at Ebisu aim.

It was raining during the day but, everyone who came, thank you!

Our first live at aim in a while was fun.
Like always aim was a great venue.

I was happy that people saw use for the first time and called out to us.

Off the stage I am a shy girl but, I am overjoyed that people talk to me so, talk to me at ease. Lol

After the live, with the Draft King x THE LEAPS x Sutorobosaidaa Women Team.

Women meeting!!! Yay!

The next live is November 8th at Shibuya eggman!
Since it has been a while since we have played at eggman, I am looking forward to it♪


| Translation by CrimsonKnight4 |


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