Saturday, January 20, 2018
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It’s late but everyone at Osaka MUSE on the 30th, thank you very much!

The second time at Osaka was fun too!

From here on out I want to come and do a lot more lives in the Kansai region and I want everyone in the Kansai region to feel Draft King more and more!

Since we will be coming to Osaka to do a live on November 29th at Shinsaibashi CLAPPER, I’m waiting!

Speaking of Osaka,


Dojima roll♡

My favorite Osaka specialty.

This time because I had some time I did it superbly.
I love Osaka’s shops, they’re fun!

A picture of Draft King a fan drew for us!

If Draft King turned into anime characters I guess we would be come like this. Lol

Tomorrow is the live at Ebisu!

The first in November
Let’s have some fun.

| Translation by CrimsonKnight4 |


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