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Stereopony Song Of The Week, Week 37

Falling Star

The song “Nagareboshi” first appeared in Stereopony’s 4th Single “Smilife”.

Walking along the unending road, it suddenly starts raining and despite the rain, letting it soak into the skin and noticing someone’s smile reflected in a puddle, there’s a realization that nothing’s permanent.

There are days when we feel like all that’s left of our lives is a bunch of unanswered questions and a lot of insecurity and the resultant anxiety. Has our life up until now been meaningless? The dream to be an adult just seems to disillusion a young adult that seems to notice their position.

This period in life full of things that will decide the rest of our lives is crucial and at times crushing. Without settings your sights up too high it’s better to just go with the time because it’s too painful to be broken when your expectations and dreams don’t come true. Having expectations is just putting on a front and it’s painful being alone is even worse.

Crying alone at night and searching the night sky for some way of finding out what’s real and what’s imaginary, it all seems like a lie and it’s too much to bare. The way forward is lost in the darkness of the moment but so is the way back home.

Despite all the pains, the road from yesterday, today and tomorrow will still be going on ahead so the need,the want to keep pushing ahead is strong.

Even though it may not be fate or destiny but the things that one can see can be satisfying so, the loneliness, the pain and the lies will be eased away.

The only way is depending on oneself and one’s efforts. If you can just follow your heart’s song then just whenever, wherever it is surely, someday there’s happiness ahead and someday… just someday life would be blooming into a wonderful flower!

This song is written by SHIHO and the lyrics are very self-reflective of her struggles with growing up. The appeal of this song is very strong because almost everyone faces this stage in their growing up stage where nothing makes sense but the only way to get through it is to trust oneself. The music is very fitting to the lyrics- gently gathering its rhythm as the emotions build up. It’s not a direct message of “Give your life the best you can!” kind of a feel but it’s more a conscious deliberation that’s being shared.

So enjoy the 37th Song Of The Week as we celebrate drummer SHIHO’s Birthday!


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